LGBT Adults Show More Economic Optimism

May 5, 2010

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Lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) adults in the US are generally more optimistic about the economy and job market than their heterosexual counterparts, according to recent research from Harris Interactive.

LGBT Adults Feel Better about the Economy
One-fifth (21%) of LGBT adults believe the economy will start growing again within the next six months, compared with just 10% of heterosexual adults. Another 12% think it has already started improving, the same percentage as heterosexual adults. However, a significantly lower percentage of LGBT adults think it will take a year or longer (31%) than heterosexual adults (42%).


The survey also showed that only one in five (20%) of lesbian and gay adults, when thinking about their household’s financial condition, say that they expect it to get worse in the next six months, compared with 32% of heterosexual adults. Twenty-seven percent of LGBT adults think their household’s financial condition get better in the next six months, compared to 20% of heterosexual adults. The percentage of LGBT adults who think their household condition will stay about the same (53%) is similar to that of heterosexual adults (47%).


LGBT Adults See Hope for Jobs
Three-quarters (75%) of heterosexual adults and 64% of LGBT adults rate the job market in their region of the country as either “very bad” or “somewhat bad.” However, one in four (27%) LGBT adults believe the job market will start to improve within the next six months, compared with just 12% of heterosexual adults.



Americans Have Low Economic Confidence
A combined six in 10 (58%) Americans do not think the economy will improve in the coming year, according to another recent survey by Harris Interactive. Thirty-three percent think it will stay the same, and 25% think it will get worse. Only 32% think it will improve, with 10% not sure.

Americans are even less optimistic about the direction the economy will take in the next six months. A combined 80% do not think the economy will improve, with 50% saying it will remain the same and 29% saying it will get worse. Only 22% say the economy will get better. When asked when they think the economy will start growing again, the largest percentage of Americans (39%) think it will take a year or longer.

About the Data: Harris Interactive conducted the study online within the US between March 1-8, 2010, among 2,509 adults (ages 18 and older), of whom 336 self-identified as lesbian, gay, bisexual and/or transgender. Harris Interactive over-sampled gay men and lesbians in order to allow for detailed analysis of these groups.

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