Which Industries Are Getting the Most Out of Online PR?

March 13, 2017

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Higher education institutions got the most bang for the buck in digital PR last year, enjoying an average of more than 121,000 social shares from press mentions per month. That exceeded the sports & entertainment and accommodation & food services industries, which enjoyed a sizable amount of press mentions but fewer social shares per mention, according to a TrackMaven report [download page].

The study, which analyzed the digital performance of 701 companies across 13 industries, demonstrates that the media and publishing industry was also a standout, as it garnered the highest average number of social shares per press mention. With 208 social shares on average per mention, this industry got far more mileage out of mentions than any other, with the closest competitor, consumer goods, trailing distantly (83).

On the other end of the spectrum, the wellness and real estate verticals had the least impactful PR performances of the 13 analyzed.

Social mentions can prove fruitful for brands: more marketers believe that social media mentions (56%) drive traffic than broadcast feature stories (48%) and print feature stories (46%), according to a report released last year.

Returning to the TrackMaven study and taking a closer look into some the top performers:

  • In the sports and entertainment industry, sports teams accounted for more than twice as many average social shares per press mention (54) than sports leagues and federations (20); and
  • In the accommodations and food services industry, hotels had more average social shares per press mention (44) than casinos (27) and restaurants (25).

About the Data: TrackMaven analyzed the social media performance, blog performance, public relations performance and website health of 701 companies in 13 industries during the 2016 calendar year.

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