These CPG Categories Should Advertise On These Podcast Genres

August 3, 2018

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The US podcast advertising market is on the rise, having almost doubled last year by one estimate as listeners seem open to ads. But simply throwing money at podcast audiences probably isn’t the best approach for advertisers. So advertisers take note: a new Nielsen study [download page] checks out what CPG categories podcast fans are spending on at a greater rate than the general population.

To arrive at its figures, Nielsen matched purchase behavior of its Homescan panel to avid podcast fans, defined as households containing someone very interested (top-2 box score on a 7-point scale) in a certain genre of podcast. It then looked at those specific podcast genres, listing out the top-indexing spending categories among avid fans (meaning the categories in which they spend the most annually relative to the general population).

Here’s something that jumps out from the results: avid podcast fans like to drink alcohol! Beer (2) or Liquor (7) emerged as the top-indexing category for avid fans of 9 of the 14 podcast genres. Additionally, either Beer, Liquor or Wine appeared as one of the top-5 indexing categories in 12 of the 14 genres. (Notably, avid Kids & Family podcast listeners were one of the exceptions, which… hmmm….)

In particular, avid fans of News & Politics podcasts spend an impressive 35% more on Liquor per year than the average household, presumably to drown their sorrows over what they’re hearing… Close behind, avid fans of Society & Culture podcasts spend 34% more on Liquor annually than the average household, per the report.

Meanwhile, the top-indexing category among avid Music podcast listeners is Beer (+18%), with Liquor (+15%) second on the list.

Here are some further highlights from the report:

  • Pet Care and/or Pet Food emerged as one of the 5 top-indexing categories for avid podcast fans in 6 of the 14 genres identified;
  • Beer, Liquor and Wine were each among the top-5 indexing categories for avid fans of Sports and Business podcasts;
  • Avid fans of Health & Living podcasts had Vitamins (+14%) as their top-indexing category, which makes somewhat more sense than their second category, Liquor; and
  • Avid fans of Kids & Family podcasts counted these as their top-indexing spending categories: Baby Food (+26%); Cookies/Ice Cream Cones (+13%); and Candy (+10%).

Expand the chart above for more details on the top 5 indexing categories for avid fans of each podcast genres, and download the report here for the top 15 per genre. Also, see this article for the most popular podcast genres.

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