What Are the Most Popular B2B Data Providers?

April 3, 2017

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ZoomInfo appears to be the leading data provider for B2B marketers, with 41% of respondents to an Openprise study [download page] reporting that they have used its services. ZoomInfo is even more popular with enterprise companies (5,000+ employees), with 61% of marketers at these companies having used the provider, per the report.

Following ZoomInfo in the B2B data provider popularity stakes are InfoUSA (36%), just ahead of data.com (35%), with SalesGenie (31%) and D&B/Hoover’s (30%) rounding out the top 5.

Most companies are generally pleased with the data they receive. However, the size of the company seems to affect the satisfaction levels with the providers. Despite the fact that all respondents in companies of up to 500 employees are happy with their providers, only 81% in enterprise companies feel the same. And the percentage of “very satisfied” respondents progressively decreases as the company size increases.

The majority of marketers use the data provided to identify new contacts within target companies (62%) and to identify new target companies (52%). The biggest shortcoming of data providers, as cited by 41% of respondents, is missing contacts at target companies, closely followed by the 39% pointing to missing field values in leads and contacts. Problems with data seem to have different impacts depending on the size of the company: missing contacts and incorrect field values appear to be more problematic at larger companies (likely due to the size of their databases), while smaller companies complain more of missing field values in leads and contacts.

Numerous studies in the past have labeled B2B database health as “questionable”, “worsening” and “unreliable.”

When it comes to keeping their databases up-to-date, half of marketers responding to the Openprise survey rely on automation that makes continuous updates. But a surprising number still manually update their data, with 47% updating in batches and 40% updating one record at a time.

About the Data: Openprise surveyed 175 B2B marketers in the US from companies with more than 200 employees.

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