What Are B2B Marketers’ Biggest Struggles With Demand Gen Campaigns?

December 15, 2016

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B2B marketers this year have been prioritizing lead quality over lead quantity, but findings high-quality leads isn’t coming easily. In fact, according to a new survey report [download page] commissioned by SnapApp, identifying new lead sources is the top challenge that B2B marketers are having with current demand generation campaigns.

The results suggest that it’s a competitive environment for lead generation, with many respondents also indicating that they’re finding it difficult to scale leads efficiently to meet sales growth targets. For some, the inability to effectively reach leads in their target market segment is also a challenge.

Research has shown that content marketing is perceived to be both the most effective – and the most difficult – lead generation tactic for marketers. The SnapApp survey – conducted by Demand Gen Report – backs up those difficulties with content marketing. Specifically, a sizable share of respondents say that creating and sourcing content offers to support their campaigns is proving challenging, with this the second-most cited difficulty. That’s brought to light by separate survey results indicating that a slight majority of respondents are building at least 3 assets into a typical campaign.

Although low email response rates aren’t as pressing of a challenge, the study suggests that content-enabled campaigns are impacting open and click rates, with many seeing double-digit increases. In turn, expectations for content-enabled campaigns center around capturing more leads. (Content-enabled campaigns are defined in part as those that are designed to inform and capture individual responses, as well as deliver content based on buyer needs and interests that encourage progression through the funnel while gathering better data to score, nurture and qualify.)

For content-enabled campaigns, video (95%) and surveys (92%) are the most popular formats that B2B marketers are using or plan to use, followed by interactive infographics (85%), ROI calculators (84%) and assessments (82%). The report notes that conversational campaign efforts are leaning more on interactive content types: while 62% of respondents are already using interactive content, 87% plan to within the next 12-24 months.

About the Data: The results are based on a survey of more than 100 B2B marketers conducted in Q2 and Q3 2016.

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