Top 100 B2B Advertisers’ Spending Trends, by Medium

August 31, 2015

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KantarAdAge-B2B-Top-100-Advertisers-Spending-Trends-in-2014-Aug2015Source: Kantar Media / Ad Age

    Notes: The top 100 B2B advertisers increased their ad spending by 0.9% in 2014, while B2B advertisers as a whole kept their spending flat for the year, reports Ad Age, based on Kantar Media data. With an estimated $4.8 billion spent on B2B ads last year, the top 100 advertisers accounted for almost half of the total $10.2 billion spent by B2B advertisers. (These figures include only display ad spend for online advertising.) TV’s share of measured ad spend among the top 100 advertisers increased from roughly 57% share in 2013 to 61% share last year.

    The leading advertiser was Microsoft ($232.4 million), though its B2B ad spend shrunk by about 20% from the prior year. AT&T (+3.9% to $204.6 million) and Verizon (-8.8% to $168.8 million) were the next-largest B2B advertisers.

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        About the Data: Figures include estimated B2B ad spending across TV, internet (display ads only), magazines (including business publications), newspapers, radio and outdoor.

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