How SMBs Feel Tech Vendors Can Improve the Buying Experience

August 10, 2015

SMBGroup-Tech-Vendors-Improve-SMB-Buying-Experience-Aug2015Source: SMB Group

    Notes: For both small and medium-sized businesses, the provision of a consistent cross-channel experience and clear articulation of how the solution helps improve specific business goals are the leading ways in which tech vendors can improve the purchasing experience, though the order differs by company size. That’s according to the SMB Group’s 2015 SMB Routes-to-Market study, which also finds that the enablement of online purchases without sales rep interaction is more important to small than medium-sized businesses.

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        About the Data: The SMB Group report is based on a survey of 750+ companies in 1”“1000-employee size bands across a distribution of industries. Small businesses are those with 1-99 employees and medium-sized businesses those with 100-999 employees.

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