B2B Companies’ Twitter Activity and Engagement, by Day of the Week

May 6, 2015

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Brandwatch-Top-B2B-Companies-Twitter-Engagement-May2015Source: Brandwatch [download page]

    Notes: Based on an analysis of the top 200 B2B companies by annual income, Twitter accounts for almost 6 times more English-language company mentions than Facebook, finds Brandwatch in a recent report. Interestingly, B2B brands see more engagement with weekend than weekday tweets, with retweets per post roughly twice as high on Saturdays and Sundays than on any other day. Overall, a slight majority (53%) of B2B brands analyzed use Twitter for both broadcast and engagement, although a significant 42% either have no account or no activity on the platform.

    Meanwhile, on Facebook, brands’ photos generated the most likes on average, while videos earned the most comments.

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        About the Data: The 200 companies examined in the report were chosen primarily by annual income ”“ total employees did not factor into the selection.

        The social media monitoring platform Brandwatch Analytics was used to collect the data. The platform allowed Brandwatch to search for mentions of a brand from more than 90 million web sources including news portals, social networks, in blogs, forums, review sites, video and photo sites. The monitoring platform only collected public data.

        The platform was only used to collect mentions of a company. As such, Brandwatch was not looking for specific products made by a company, events held by a company, or any other external facet of a company. The data was collected between January 5th 2015 and March 5th 2015. Only data written in English was collected for the purposes of the report.

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