Most Believe Behavioral Marketing Can Boost ROI

July 11, 2013

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Silverpop-Perceived-Advantages-of-Behavioral-Marketing-July2013A new study [download page] commissioned by Silverpop and conducted by Forrester Consulting indicates that the vast majority of marketers surveyed believe that behavioral marketing can boost their performance in a range of areas, most notably in return on investment, revenue attributable to marketing activities, and customer satisfaction and loyalty. Though the sample size is small, responses suggest that mature or transitioning behavioral marketers are indeed seeing better results than their peers.

Among B2B respondents, for example, mature/transitioning behavioral marketers estimate that 34% of their sales pipeline can be attributed to leads their marketing function has generated, compared to 26% of “immature behavioral marketers.” B2C marketers involved in behavioral marketing estimate that about 26% of their revenue can be attributed to automated digital programs, versus 21% for those who have not yet transitioned to behavioral marketing.

Overall, adoption of behavioral marketing lags multichannel marketing. About half of the respondents described their behavioral marketing as “mature” (17%) or transitioning (34%), while 64% said the same about their stance towards multi-channel marketing.

Other Findings:

  • 29% of respondents said they are not executing any automated marketing campaigns.
  • The most common triggers of automated messaging are behavioral (53%), elapsed time (35%) and key dates (32%).
  • Among those using automated campaigns, the most common uses were for new customer acquisition and customer data gathering. Lead nurturing and reactivation, cross-sell or upsell are on the rise.
  • The use of response metrics to assess performance of automated marketing campaigns has fallen from 80% last year to 56% this year, while lead-nurturing improvement/sales impact has grown as a measure.

About the Data: The survey was conducted in May 2013 among 157 marketing professionals focusing their marketing efforts on the US.

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