64% of B2B Companies Said Having “Unreliable” Marketing Data

January 25, 2013

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NetProspex-B2B-Marketing-Data-Health-Jan2013Almost all B2B companies suffer from contact databases that are “unreliable” (64%) or “questionable” (34%), according to [download page] a new study from NetProspex. The study examined hundred of millions of B2B contacts over the past year, evaluating database health across 4 best practice areas – record duplication, record completeness, email deliverability, and phone connectability. Using standardized scores for each component, the study arrives at a data health scale, with 98% of companies scoring on the lower end of the scale, and just 2% having “functional” databases.

A breakdown of the scores for the specific best practice areas is listed below.

  • The average score for record duplicates was 4.3 on a 5-point scale, meaning that companies’ databases are “functional” in this area. A “functional” rating indicates that on average, 0-10% of records were duplicates.
  • The average score for record completeness was just 2.5, putting this area in the “unreliable” category, where only 50-65% of records are complete.
  • The average score for email deliverability was 2.8, also deemed “unreliable.” That rating indicates that email deliverability ranged between 60-70%.
  • The phone connectability score was just 1.2, landing it in the “risky” category, meaning that less than 50% of contacts are reachable by phone.
  • The average health rating across all participants was 2.7 on the 5-point scale, with no company rating higher than 4, and none less than 2.

About the Data: The “NetProspex Data Health Scale” was determined by evaluating the results of assessments, known as the NetProspex Data HealthScan, completed to date and then statistically determining ranges based on the data.

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