Gamers Want Their Next Vehicle to Be Green

September 29, 2008

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Gamers make up a large auto-owning demographic – most 1UP Network online and Electronic Gaming Monthly gamers surveyed own, on average, two automobiles – and many are looking to go green with their next car, according to the 2008 1UP Network Automotive Study.

Among gamers considering purchasing a car, more than four in ten would consider a hybrid car and some 15% would consider a eco/biodiesel vehicles, with a similar proportion considering electric/hybrid SUVs.


The study was fielded by in August 2008 to gain a better understanding of the vehicle-buying patterns and preferences of gamers, who have proven themselves a significant consumer demographic – albeit an audience harder to reach because gaming takes up much of their leisure time.

Among other highlights of the study:

  • Gamers are active information-seekers and influencers; many research before they buy and give advice to other potential buyers about brands of vehicles.
    • Gamers do research online (1UP Network online: 87%; EGM readers: 86%)
    • They have brand in mind before shopping for a vehicle (1UP Network online: 83%; EGM readers: 82%)
    • Gamers are influencers in gaming, as well as, auto purchases. Seven out of ten are telling other consumers about what brand of vehicles to purchase (1UP Network online: 71%; EGM readers: 79%)


  • The type of automobile owned by gamers is typically a four-door vehicle (more than six in 10 say so).
  • Although the majority of online gamers currently own American-made cars (Ford or Chevrolet), 84% are planning on purchasing an import for their next car (50% Honda; 48% Toyota; 30% Nissan).
  • Gamers are environmentally conscience; nine out of ten indicated that they were interested in a fuel-efficient vehicle (1UP Network online, 91%; EGM readers: 92%).
  • Gamers are digitally inclined and want vehicles that are technologically sophisticated: 8 in 10 indicate that they were looking forward to technology advances in their next vehicle (1UP Network online: 85%; EGM reader: 88%).
  • Gamers are bringing their digital lifestyle into their cars and would pay more for the following option in their next vehicle:
    • MP3 plug-in (1UP Network online: 78%; EGM readers: 83%)
    • GPS (1UP Network online: 57%; EGM readers: 63%)
    • Surround Sound (1UP Network online: 53%; EGM readers: 59%)
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