Two-Thirds of the World’s Top Brands Offer an Excellent Customer Experience. Which One is Best?

December 10, 2013

ForeSee-Top-Global-Brands-by-Customer-Satisfaction-Dec2013ForeSee has released its latest customer experience report [download page], this time evaluating customers’ experiences with Interbrand’s top 100 brands. The study finds that average customer satisfaction with the top brands is 80 on a 100-point scale, with 68 of the brands scoring an 80 or above, considered by ForeSee to be the threshold of excellence. By contrast, just 3 scored 69 or lower – with those regarded as laggards. Here’s how the rankings shook out.

With a customer satisfaction score of 87, Amazon topped all others – a result which shouldn’t be too surprising given all the accolades it has received this year (see here, here, here and here for examples). Right on Amazon’s heels were Avon and Nordstrom, each with a customer satisfaction rating of 86. Also close behind, each with a score of 85, were Coach, Heinz, Honda, Mercedes-Benz and Moet & Chandon.

While most of the brands earned a score of 80 or higher, some didn’t do so well. Perhaps the most notable of those was Facebook, with a customer satisfaction score of just 69, placing it in the “laggard” category.

As it does in all its studies, ForeSee explains the importance of the customer satisfaction ratings by revealing how they impact future behaviors. Compared to less satisfied customers (those with satisfaction scores of 69 or less), highly satisfied customers (with scores of 80 and up) report being:

  • 83% more likely to purchase more from the brand;
  • 63% more likely to purchase from the brand the next time they’re in the market for a similar product;
  • 77% more likely to give the brand a positive recommendation; and
  • 76% more likely to generally trust the brand.

Given these results, ForeSee also assigned most of the brands a “retention,” “upsell” and “word-of-mouth index” score. Amazon again topped the list when it came to retention, with its score of 91 suggesting that its current customers are more likely to do business with it again than customers of Walmart (80), for example. On the upsell side of things – measuring the likelihood of customers purchasing more from the brand – Danone (79) took top billing, although Amazon (74) wasn’t too far behind. And on the word-of-mouth index, which measures the likelihood to give positive recommendations, Nordstrom (69) edged Amazon (68), with Facebook (29) garnering one of the lowest scores overall.

Segregating the satisfaction scores into various categories (averages only available for categories with at least 5 brands), the study finds auto and CPG to head the list, each with an average satisfaction rating of 82. Retail and apparel (81) and technology and electronics (80) both averaged an excellent rating, while financial services (75) was a little lower.

About the Data: The ForeSee Experience Index measures the customer experience with the top brands ranked by brand value, as reported by Interbrand. During the course of the year, ForeSee collected data from more than 75,000 respondents who have recently purchased or done business with the top global brands. The satisfaction scores in the report covered above reflect data collected over the last quarter from October 11th to 16th and covers 25,000 surveys collected.

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