Older Age Groups Watched, Clicked on US Online Video Ads in Q2

August 19, 2013

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Videology-US-Online-Video-Ad-Impressions-Age-Distribution-in-Q2-Aug2013Viewers aged 55-64 (17%) and 65+ (11%) accounted for a combined 28% of US online video ad impressions in Q2, according to a Videology report on platform activity. That rivals the share of impressions (27%) represented by the 18-34 age group. Interestingly, the older age groups appeared most likely to click on video ads, with index scores of 100.8 (for the 55-64 group) and 103.9 (for the 65 and up crowd). Index scores are relative to entire combined impressions. The 18-24 age group was least likely to click, with an index reading of 98.2, though that demonstrates that there was little variation between age groups.

(It’s also important to remember that the data is limited to Videology’s platform, and may not be representative of the entire online video viewing population.)

The study also looks at other completion and click-through rate breakdowns:

  • View completion rate was highest on a relative basis for government ads and lowest for B2B ads;
  • B2B ads enjoyed the highest click-through rates, though, with CPG ads faring the worst of the 12 industries tracked on this measure; and
  • View completion rates were significantly lower for 30 second ads than for 15 second ads, though click-through rates were slightly higher for the former.

In other results, entertainment websites hosted the lion’s share of impressions (55%), with gaming (11%) and news and information (9%) sites next. The most active advertising vertical was CPG, which accounted for 35% of total impressions, followed by auto (13%), restaurants (9%) and retail (9%).

Video advertisers are becoming more sophisticated in their targeting, according to the researchers, with a 14% increase in the share of advanced ads quarter-over-quarter. Behavioral targeting was most common during the quarter (49%), followed by geo-targeting (34%) and day-part (17%).

Total online video ads served increased by 40% quarter-over-quarter, a result which tracks with recent data from comScore demonstrating an ever-increasing volume of online video ad impressions. Mobile ad impressions increased by 73% quarter-over-quarter, but remained just 3% share of total impressions.

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