Who’s Advertising to Hispanics Online?

May 9, 2013

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MediaEconGroup-Top-10-Advertisers-on-Hispanic-Websites-in-Q1-May2013Media Economics Group has released a list of the top advertisers on Hispanic websites during Q1 2013, revealing that Procter & Gamble (P&G) and Toyota were by far the leading advertisers, neck and neck with 6.78% and 6.74% share of ad occurrences, respectively. According to Nielsen, P&G was the biggest spending advertiser in the US last year, with Toyota in the fourth spot. However, AT&T and General Motors, which were the second- and third-largest spenders last year in the US, didn’t make the top 10 list for Hispanic advertisers in Q1. Rounding out the top 5 advertisers on Hispanic websites were Ford (2.99% share of occurrences); State Farm (2.93%); and Nissan (2.46%).

The top 10 advertisers on Hispanic websites in Q1 came from 6 different industry categories. Auto (Ford, Nissan, and Toyota) and consumer products and supplies (Clorox, General Mills, Procter & Gamble) were the most heavily represented industries.

The researchers note that of the 1,957 companies that advertised on the Hispanic websites analyzed, the top 10 accounted for 31.2% of all ad occurrences.

Other Findings:

  • Limiting the analysis to companies using Spanish-language (or English/Spanish) advertising on Hispanic websites, the Media Economic Group data shows that P&G’s leading share rose to 9.87%, with Toyota hot on its heels with 9.84% share.
  • Nissan moved into the 4th spot among Spanish-language advertisers, leapfrogging State Farm, while General Mills jumped 2 spots to #7 and the Walt Disney Company dropped from #8 to #10.
  • The top 10 Spanish-language advertisers combined to account for 44.3% of all such ad occurrences, with each over-indexing in Spanish language advertising.
  • Multi-brand campaigns for Toyota took top billing when looking at the leading brands/campaigns, with 4.98% share, followed by campaigns for Nissan Sentra (2.35%) and Hidden Valley Ranch Salad Dressing (1.83%).
  • While MLB’s “World Baseball Classic” was in the fourth spot on the list of top brands/campaigns, it fell out of the top 10 when looking solely at Spanish-language brands/campaigns.

About the Data: The Media Economics Group rankings do not include mobile websites. Language refers to the language used in the ad itself. This can be English, Spanish, English/Spanish (any combination of word from both languages in the same ad), Other (Portuguese, etc.), None (no ad copy other than brand, trademark, or advertiser name).

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