Restaurants Top Local Search Category in Q1

July 6, 2012

yp-top-local-search-categories-q1-july2012.pngRestaurants led all categories in local online searches in Q1 2012 on the YP Local Ad Network, per a July 2012 report [pdf] from YP. Following were financial services and auto repair, with real estate and beauty services rounding out the top 5. Family services was the fastest-growing category for the quarter (+164%), at more than double the pace of the next-fastest-growing category, wedding planning and supplies (+76%). Also posting rapid growth in Q1 were pharmacies (+68%), security services (+59%), and florists (+59%).

Wedding Planning Top Growth Category on Mobile

Data from the YP report indicates that wedding planning and supplies was the fastest-growing mobile local search category, jumping 149% in Q1 compared to the previous quarter. Hardware stores (+108%) also showed impressive growth, ahead of outdoor recreation (+79%), recreation centers (+71%), and law enforcement (+56%).

The top growth categories for online local search were family services (+204%), financial services (+66%), florists (+66%), wedding planning and supplies (+65%), and supermarkets (+61%).

Medical Top Local Advertiser; Auto Most Clicked

Medical topped the list of local advertiser categories based on ad spend, followed by contractors and construction, legal services, automotive, and home maintenance services. 8 of the top 10 advertiser categories also appeared on the list of top clicked categories, which was led by automotive, medical, and restaurants, in that order.

Other Findings:

  • Restaurants led the most-searched category list for the major mobile segments, including iPhone, Android, iPad, and mobile web searches. May 2012 data from xAd indicated that in Q1, based on the top-searched keywords on the xAd network, most mobile users entered queries related to specific local needs, with restaurants leading, ahead of gas stations.
  • Theaters took the #2 spot in both the top iPhone and top Android search categories lists in Q1, per the YP report. Lodging and bars took the #3 and #4 spots, respectively, on both lists.
  • On the mobile web (which accounted for roughly half of all mobile searches), beauty services took the second spot, trailed by theaters, auto repair and services, and driving service.
  • iPad searches grew by 43% over the previous quarter. Appearing in the top 5 categories behind restaurants were bars, auto repair and service, grocery stores, and theaters.
  • Atlanta – which ranked 5th in total searches – had the highest digital searches per capita of any city. Other cities in the South (Orlando, Miami, Richardson, TX, and Columbia, SC) were next on list of top online search cities by capita.
  • The top 5 mobile search cities (per capita) were: San Francisco; Lafayette, LA; Baton Rouge; Orlando; and Columbia.

About the Data: The YP Insights Report is based on data from 563 million searches and nearly 11 billion impressions in Q1 2012 across the YP Local Ad Network’s 300+ online, mobile, IPTV and directory assistance publishers.

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