Mobile Commerce Grows 64% M-O-M as Postclick Campaign Action

January 11, 2012

millenial-media-campaign-action-mix-nov11-jan12.gifMobile commerce accounted for 18% of the postclick campaign action mix on the Millennial Media network in November 2011, representing a 22% month-over-month increase, according to [sign-in page] the November 2011 Millennial Media SMART report. Data from the report indicates that the leading postclick actions in November were application download and store locator (33%),with the latter experiencing 47% growth from October, as retail and auto advertisers increased their use to drive customers into stores and dealerships for seasonal sales.

Traffic to site as a campaign destination increased 7% month-over-month to represent 60% of the campaign destination mix.

Lead Gen/Registrations Up As Campaign Goal

Lead gen/registrations grew 63% month-over-month to represent 25% of the overall advertiser campaign goals, as advertisers in the finance and education verticals leveraged mobile to acquire leads for their new products and services. Sustained in-market presence (28%) continued to lead the overall advertiser campaign goals, although it dropped 24% from 37% in October. Product launch/release (16%) was the third-most popular mobile campaign goal of the month, remaining relatively unchanged from the previous month.

Product Launch/Release Atop Telecom Goals

Product launch/release was the top campaign goal for telecom advertisers in November, though, representing 68% of their campaign goal mix, as telecom brands leveraged mobile to advertise the launch of the latest smartphones and tablets for the holiday season.

Some postclick campaign actions also proved far more popular among telecom advertisers than overall advertisers, including place call (84% vs. 31%), view map (79% vs. 30%), store locator (79% vs. 33%), and mobile commerce (68% vs. 18%).

Broad Reach Targeting Methods Remain Popular

millennial-nov-campaigntargetingmix-targetedaudiencemix.jpgCampaigns leveraging broad reach targeting methods (run of network, custom subnet and channel) accounted for 58% of the overall campaign targeting mix, down slightly from 60% in October. Of the remaining 42% of mobile advertisers using targeted audience campaign methods, 69% targeted a local audience, up 4.5% from 66% the previous month. Restaurant and telecom advertisers targeted customers with a variety of regional promotions to increase foot traffic into restaurants and stores where customers could redeem their offers.

Behavior and demographic targeting represented the remaining 31% of the targeted audience mix among advertisers. Brands in the CPG vertical used demographic targeting to reach women to promote cosmetics and provide usage tips, while consumer electronics brands targeted gamers and enthusiasts with brand awareness campaigns for new product launches and gift ideas.

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