Mobile Auto Audience Heavily Consumes Content

September 21, 2011

millennial-mobile-auto-users-sep-2011.JPGThe mobile auto audience consumes many categories of mobile content at much higher rates than the overall mobile audience, according to a September 2011 report from Millennial Media and comScore. Results of “Mobile Insights for Automotive Brands” indicate the category with the most significant differential in use is tech news, which mobile auto users access at a rate about 3.3 times higher (73% compared to 22%) than the overall mobile audience (with data plans).

In addition, 71% of mobile auto users access financial news/stock quotes, roughly 3.2 times the 22% of overall mobile users who do so. Meanwhile, the highest rate of access by both mobile auto users and overall mobile users occurs in the weather category, which is accessed by 85% of mobile auto users and 57% of overall mobile users, meaning mobile auto users are 49% more likely to access weather news and data.

Mobile Auto Audience Skews Younger, Wealthier

millennial-mobile-auto-age-sep-2011.JPGThe mobile auto audience skews both younger and wealthier than the overall mobile audience. A leading 28% of mobile auto users are 25-34, about 55% more than the 18% of overall mobile users. Another 27% of mobile auto users are 18-24, slightly more than double the 13% of overall mobile users in this age group. The percentage of mobile auto users age 13-17 (15%) is also almost double that of the overall mobile audience (8%).

Conversely, only 2% of mobile auto users are 65 and older, while 13% of overall mobile users are, meaning overall mobile users are 6.5 times as likely to be in this age bracket. Mobile auto users also underrepresent in the 45-54 and 55-64 age brackets.

Mobile users who access auto content also tend to be more affluent than the general mobile population. Most notably, 34% of mobile auto users earn $100,000 or more per year, 26% more than the 27% of overall mobile users in this income bracket.

Mobile Auto Display Ads Boom

Mobile automotive display advertising increased 169% year-over-year in 2010, with 19,724 automotive companies advertising on mobile in 2009 and 33,277 in 2010. Globally, automotive spending on Millennial Media’s network grew 236% from Q2 2010 to Q2 2011.

Millennial analysis indicates strong automotive spending across segments (car, truck, SUV, hybrid), and buying class (luxury, entry point, etc.) has ensured that the automotive vertical has consistently been among the top 10 global verticals on Millennial’s network for the past year. The automotive category was the number five ad vertical on Millennial Media’s network in the US in Q2 2011, and number nine internationally.

Targeting Common in Mobile Auto Ads

In May 2011, more than half of all auto campaigns on Millennial Media’s network used some level of targeting. Of these ads, 43% targeted a local market audience, 35% targeted a demographic audience, and 22% targeted a behavioral audience.

Mobile Auto Campaigns Geared around Products, Foot Traffic

Mobile advertising campaigns from auto manufacturers on the Millennial Media network have goals of product launch/release and increasing foot traffic at much higher rates than overall mobile campaigns, according to other study data indicating a leading 35% of mobile auto campaigns have new product release/launch as a goal, slightly more than double the 17% average. In addition, 19% of mobile auto campaigns have increased foot traffic as a goal, also slightly more than double the 9% average, while 8% have increased site traffic as a goal, double the 4% average.

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