Mobile Auto Campaigns Geared around Products, Foot Traffic

September 20, 2011

millennial-auto-campaign-goals-sep-2011.JPGMobile advertising campaigns from auto manufacturers on the Millennial Media network have goals of product launch/release and increasing foot traffic at much higher rates than overall mobile campaigns, according to a September 2011 report from Millennial Media and comScore. Results of “Mobile Insights for Automotive Brands” indicate a leading 35% of mobile auto campaigns have new product release/launch as a goal, slightly more than double the 17% average.

In addition, 19% of mobile auto campaigns have increased foot traffic as a goal, also slightly more than double the 9% average, while 8% have increased site traffic as a goal, double the 4% average. Mobile campaigns underrepresent in having the goals of sustained in-market presence (19%, less than half the 42% average) and lead gen/registrations (also 19%, about one-third less than the 28% average).

Mobile Auto Campaigns Have Distinct Post-Click Trends

millennial-auto-postclick-sep-2011.JPGProbably reflecting the ways they differ from overall mobile campaigns in their goals, mobile auto campaigns have distinct trends in their post-click actions. Most notably, 63% of auto campaigns lead to site search, about four times the 16% average rate. In addition, 58% of auto campaigns lead to both dealer/store locator and viewing a map, compared to respective overall averages of 15% and 18%.

The most notable post-click actions where mobile auto campaigns underrepresent compared to the overall average is m-commerce, an action no auto campaigns led to but 12% of all campaigns did. Other post-click actions where auto campaigns are less likely to lead include enroll/join/subscribe (31%, almost 25% less than the 40% average), retail promotion (19%, more than one-quarter below the 26% average) and mobile social (15%, almost 20% less than the 19% average).

1 in 5 Mobile Auto Audience Members Likely to Engage Daily

millennial-auto-engagement-sep-2011.JPGAbout one in five (21%) US mobile auto audience members is likely to engage with mobile auto content almost every day, while 31% will engage at least once per week and 48% will engage one to three times per month. Sixty-four percent of these consumers have a smartphone.

Engagement figures for the EU5 mobile auto audience are virtually identical to US audience figures, down to the 64% smartphone usage. However, Japanese mobile auto audience members show significant differences. For example, 60% engage content one to three times per month, while 24% engage at least once per week and 21% engage almost daily. Although only 31% use a smartphone, they are still overall twice as likely to access content via smartphone as US consumers.

Most Mobile Audience Members Use Browser

The vast majority (59%) of users access automotive content via a browser. While only 25% of mobile auto users choose mobile apps as an entry point to mobile automotive content, Millennial analysis indicates this has grown 20% in the past year (from 20% in August 2010), and Millennial anticipates this will continue to grow as auto brands drive advertising to their applications.

Prosper: 8 in 10 Mobile Users Browse Products/Services

About eight in 10 (81%) US smartphone/tablet users browse or look for products and/or services with their mobile devices, according to the July 2011 Prosper Mobile Insights mobile survey. This was slightly more than the 80% who use their mobile devices to locate a store or store hours (more than one answer permitted).

The top two choices among the eight offered respondents were about twice as popular as any other response. The next-most-popular mobile activity, researching specific products (56%), was performed by 43% fewer smartphone/tablet users. The only other activity performed by more than half of respondents was receiving text messages with special offers (53%).

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