Financial Services Most Active DOOH Category

August 12, 2010

Financial services was by far the most active digital-out-of-home (DOOH) advertising category in Q2 2010, according to digital media aggregator Adcentricity.

Financial Services Captures 55% of DOOH Market
Financial services continued to invest heavily in DOOH in Q2 2010, continuing a pattern established in Q1 2010, according to Adcentricity. Almost 55% of the booking activity was led by this sector.


Both domestic and foreign auto-makers began to spend in non-traditional channels once more, although at a much delayed pace compared to other sectors. The increase was still enough to give the automotive category about 20% of Q2 2010 DOOH market share.

The telecommunication sector sustained its interest in the DOOH market as a “Top Five” spender. However, Adcentricity analysis indicates that telecommunications firms appear to be saving larger-scale efforts and potential investment in DOOH for late Q3 and Q4 2010 campaigns.

C-Stores Lead DOOH Venues
Strong growth in the convenience store, shopping center and health care venues lead to their being the top three DOOH venues during Q2 2010. Gains in the convenience store venue led to its accounting for almost 14% of all Q2 2010 DOOH requests, while interest in shopping center environments doubled that sector’s share to more than 11%.


Meanwhile, interest in health care grew so that it accounted for close to 11% of second quarter bookings.

During Q2 2010, there was a marked decrease in race track environments. Adcentricity says that many times, this has been due to mis/pre-conceptions by the client or buying community about what the environments are and what they have to offer. In many cases, the client may be present in the environment already through other divisions of their company, without even knowing it.

New York Narrowly Retains Top RFP Market Status
Despite a notable decrease in DOOH RFPS between Q1 and Q2 2010, New York retained its status as the top market for generating RFPs. Los Angeles grew to come in behind New York by only one or two percentage points in terms of its quarterly share of RFPs.


While Chicago still lags well behind Los Angeles in the number three spot, its share surged from about 10% to more than 15%. San Francisco and Dallas/Fort Worth both experienced more moderate growth.

DOOH Accounts for Little 2009 Digital Ad Spending
No form of “new media” even obtained 5% of digital ad spending in 2009, according to a recent study from digital marketing agency Razorfish. The most popular form of new media, social media display, received about 4% of digital ad spending. Data brokers, ad exchanges and mobile all received about 2%, with other new media such as DOOH and non-display social media barely registering.

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