MC-EMS-Young-City-SolosHighly educated and with above-average discretionary spending, Young City Solo households are an appealing consumer segment for marketers targeting young urban professionals with active lifestyles. Based on data derived from Experian Marketing Services’ Mosaic® USA consumer segmentation database, a new MarketingCharts study – Marketing to Young City Solos – outlines the key lifestyle, demographic and attitudinal characteristics of this group and provides crucial zip code-level targeting information.

The study shows that beyond their appealing demographic traits, the group referred to as “Young City Solos” by Experian Marketing Services have a number of features and attitudes that set them apart from the average household. For example, they over-index the typical household in:

  • Donating to arts/culture and health charities, and willingness to pay more for environmentally friendly products;
  • Participation in several sports and fitness activities including yoga, running and swimming;
  • Loving the idea of traveling abroad; and
  • Enjoying the in-store shopping experience, with their decisions highly influenced by their friends.

Young City Solos also are more likely than average to own an iPhone, respond to ads in streaming media, and read national newspapers.

This segment’s key features make them of particular interest to marketers in several sectors, including entertainment, food, financial services, health & fitness, non-profit, retail and travel.

Alongside an examination of this group’s key attitudes and features, this report presents valuable targeting data, including:

  • The top 10 states by concentration of Young City Solos;
  • The top 10 zip codes by density of Young City Solos (minimum ~70% penetration), covering more than 130,000 households;
  • The top 5 states by penetration for each of this group’s two sub-types, “Status Seeking Singles” and “Urban Edge” consumers; and
  • The top 5 zip codes by density for both sub-types (minimum ~60% penetration), covering more than 110,000 households.

The PDF brief – which contains 20 slides reviewing these segments’ key demographic data, media engagement, and advertising and shopping attitudes – is accompanied by an Excel spreadsheet that offers even more lifestyle, demographic, media and shopping data.

MarketingCharts readers can request access to a Mosaic® USA portal where they can interact with insights related to Young City Solos and learn about the other 71 consumer lifestyle segments that define American consumers today. To learn more about Mosaic, click here.

The report is available for purchase here.

About the Data: This report is based on Experian Marketing Services’ newly-updated Mosaic Grand Index. Experian Marketing Services’ Mosaic® USA is a household-based consumer lifestyle segmentation system that classifies all U.S. households and neighborhoods into 71 segment types and 19 groups based demographic characteristics, interests and behaviors. Organizations leverage Mosaic to unify their consumer definitions, better understand consumer lifestyles, and anticipate the behavior, attitudes, and preferences of their best customers.

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