B2B-Report-EntryThe B2B marketing environment is rapidly changing, bringing with it new opportunities and challenges as marketers are increasingly pressured to prove their value. To help B2B marketers navigate the host of tools, channels and approaches, MarketingCharts has produced the 2015 B2B Digital Marketing Insights Report, which provides a wealth of data and insights based on an comprehensive review of research studies released this year.

Included among the many insights in the report are:

  • Share of budgets allocated to digital marketing, including mobile and social;
  • Top digital marketing strategies, objectives, and challenges;
  • Most effective tactics, including a breakdown of highly-rated email features and campaigns;
  • Key benefits and use cases of marketing analytics;
  • Leading metrics tracked across various channels;
  • Content effectiveness by journey stage, and buyers’ recommendations for improving content;
  • Adoption of content optimization tactics, progressive profiling and account-based marketing;
  • B2B buyers’ top resources and preferred decision-making channels;
  • Enhancing the buying experience and the most critical technologies for a cohesive customer journey;
  • Use of lead scoring criteria and best practices; and
  • Demand generation priorities.

B2B marketers can use this report as an essential resource to keep track of the latest techniques and approaches that are working for their peers. The abundance of charts and tables – categorized into 8 chapters – can also be used to educate internal teams and enhance marketers’ own content efforts.

The 125-page PDF report – accompanied by a file containing all 101 charts and tables – can be purchased here.

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