Which Advertising Channels Have the Biggest Purchase Influence on Millennials?

June 2, 2015

MCDebrief-Ad-InfluenceTV ads continue to lead the way among paid media in influencing Millennials’ purchases, according to a newly-released study from MarketingCharts. The report – “Advertising Channels With the Largest Purchase Influence on Consumers” [download page] – details the surprising resilience of various traditional media with Millennials and other demographic groups, while also demonstrating the growing stated purchase influence of several digital advertising channels.

In fact, this year’s study (which serves as an update to last year’s report) finds a large increase in the stated purchase influence of social ads, now second only to TV among paid media for Millennials. Of note, though, both fall behind word-of-mouth and online consumer reviews, for which new data was released this year.

Building on last year’s inaugural report – which measured 12 advertising channels – this latest study includes new data on the influence of word-of-mouth, consumer reviews, email marketing, direct mail and outdoor advertising. The study goes beyond existing research on purchase influencers by segmenting the results by generation, gender and income level, revealing various important differences among these groups. Additionally, as the second annual edition, the study contains year-over-year trend data in purchase influencers for each of the demographic groups listed.

The report – which is accompanied by an Excel workbook with the complete survey findings by demographic – contains data surrounding reach, attention to advertisers, and purchase influence for a host of media and channels, including: word-of-mouth; TV; online reviews; opt-in emails; direct mail; print newspapers and magazines; radio; social networks; search engines; mobile display; outdoor; online video; movie theaters and video games.

The 35-page study features 26 charts and tables, and includes a handy cheat sheet revealing the demographic groups that are most influenced by various advertising channels and purchase influencers.

About the Data: The report is based largely on a survey of 2,013 adults conducted May 11 ”“ May 13, 2015, using SurveyMonkey Audience, a proprietary online panel. Respondents for this survey were selected to mirror the age and sex proportions of adults according to the U.S. Census. While respondents’ attitudes don’t always match their actions, the results are an important indicator of the changing trends of the market, and offer some surprising insights into the consumer’s viewpoint.

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