Staying Ahead of the (Media) Curve With Affluents

December 9, 2014

AffluentsDebrief-Print-MediaAffluents represent a growing segment of the US population, both in number and in purchasing power. As a focal point for many marketers – not just in the luxury vertical – this group’s media habits deserve scrutiny. In a new MarketingCharts Debrief, Media Habits of the Affluent, we take a closer look at the legacy channels that have staying power with affluents and those most ripe for displacement by digital media.

In comparing their media habits to those of the general adult population, the study identifies the channels that prove most appealing to US affluents. Of particular interest is the extent to which legacy media channels – such as TV, radio, newspapers and magazines – continue to remain entrenched in the affluent’s media mix, and how their popularity has changed (and in some cases, eroded) over time.

The Debrief finds that while some legacy channels continue to generally outpace digital media in reach among affluents, certain digital channels are coming on strong. And in examining affluents’ attitudes towards the internet and how it has changed their media consumption, the study outlines those offline channels that are most susceptible to cannibalization.

The study also uses media diary data to identify the times of day when affluents are most engaged with various offline and digital channels, in so doing constructing a picture of what a typical day might look like in terms of affluents’ media usage.

This 25-page PDF report contains 18 charts and is based off proprietary survey data identified, extracted, and analyzed solely for the purposes of the study. Put the data to action in refining your media strategies, and use the charts in your pitches and presentations.

Follow any of the hyperlinks above – or click here – to see more information about the report.

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