Copyright & Fair Use Policy

MarketingCharts graphs, tables, and source data

Individual charts and tables created by MarketingCharts may be republished with attribution, provided that any internet republishing presents a prominent link back to the relevant Marketing Charts page, and attribution to as well any relevant primary sources of the underlying data.

This policy covers piecemeal sharing on social media, blogs, or intranets. For commercial licensing (for instance for print publishing) and sharing in volume, see licensing below.


Republishing of collections of charts, as well as significant portions of any article, spreadsheet or other document available on MarketingCharts requires licensing. Please contact us to discuss conditions and pricing.

Material from third parties

Unless explicitly noted, MarketingCharts does not own the rights to pictures or logos displayed on our site, nor does it own the rights to source data from third parties. We use images and data under the ‘fair use’ copyright doctrine, from public sources and private organizations, or use images under Creative Commons/GNU licenses that make them available to the general public, or with explicit and noted permission. All rights remain with the original image owners.

It is our policy to always cite and link prominently to the primary data sources used in our material.

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