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What’s the state of TV in the US today – and what trends are shaping its future? As the largest medium in the biggest advertising market in the world, it warrants a look.

This new MarketingCharts Debrief cuts through the array of numbers (and death knells) to present a data-backed analysis of TV consumption, advertising spend, and purchase influence. The report discusses the evolving TV industry, offering a wealth of trend data and research-based insight into new viewing behaviors. In so doing, it identifies the undercurrents shaping the industry and outlines why TV’s future hasn’t arrived yet.

Divided into 3 main sections, this Debrief:

  • Analyzes the landscape of TV consumption, highlighting the top trends and taking an agnostic look at changes in traditional TV viewing time;
  • Measures TV advertising spending and growth rates against the overall US ad market, identifying top drivers and growth segments; and
  • Examines TV’s influence as an advertising medium across key audiences, including a look at the effect of newer modes of TV viewing on TV ads’ effectiveness.

The 73-page Debrief (PDF format) includes a 17-page reference section filled with resources for further reading and additional charts, and is accompanied by a separate folder containing all 51 charts (PNG format) discussed in the report.

The Debrief was compiled primarily from a mix of data privately-sourced from leading providers and publicly available research (some of which has previously been featured on the MarketingCharts website), and includes some results from primary research recently conducted by MarketingCharts.

Debrief Outline


    • Foreword (p. 5)
    • Section 1: The Landscape of TV Consumption (p. 6)
      • Sample Chapter – Trends in TV Consumption (p. 9)
        [Sample Chart: TV Content Viewing on Alternative Platforms]
    • Section 2: The State of TV Advertising Spending (p. 30)
      • Sample Chapter – Spotlight: Where’s the Money Going? (p. 33)
        [Sample Chart: US TV Ad Spending Share, by Segment]
    • Section 3: TV Advertising’s Impact (p. 36)
      • Sample Chapter – Is Media Multitasking Affecting TV Ad Effectiveness? (p. 48)
        [Sample Chart: Young US Multi-Screeners’ Attitudes to Ads]
    • Putting It All Together (p. 54)
    • The Last Word: Looking Forward (p. 55)
    • References and Additional Charts (p. 56)
[Debrief] TV in Context: Viewing Trends, Ad Spending, and Purchase Influence

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