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There’s tremendous logic in advertising to Baby Boomers in the US: they control by far the largest share of discretionary spending of any generation, and they are heavily reliant on advertising as a product information source.

Yet only a small portion of advertising dollars are targeted to them, with many Americans complaining that advertisers fail to cater to aging consumers. Marketers must also overcome obstacles, such as Baby Boomers’ skepticism about advertisers’ trustworthiness.

This new MarketingCharts Debrief uncovers essential and highly practical data for marketers aiming to reach Baby Boomers through online and offline media buys.

By delving into the demographic profile of Baby Boomers, their discretionary spending habits, the media channels that are most effective in reaching and influencing them, and the creative that they’re most likely to respond to, the Debrief provides actionable data for marketers in a concise, easily accessible format.

The Debrief features 20 charts and tables compiled using a mix of data privately-sourced from leading providers, publicly available research (some of which has previously been featured on the MarketingCharts website) and primary research conducted by MarketingCharts. MarketingCharts is grateful for contributions to this report from Experian Marketing Services, and to SurveyMonkey for opening up its Audience panel for a nationally representative survey.

Insights for marketers and advertisers are presented from three angles, by:

  • Providing a demographic profile of Baby Boomers;
  • Measuring their spending power and attitudes to advertising; and
  • Analyzing how they can best be reached and influenced through advertising.

Charts included in the Debrief

  • Baby Boomers’ share of the US population, by race/ethnicity
  • Baby Boomers’ share of the US population, 2012-2060
  • How companies are failing to cater to aging US consumers
  • Discretionary spending estimates, by generation, 2013 v. 2010
  • Share of total discretionary spending, by generation, 2013 v. 2010
  • Baby Boomers’ per-household discretionary spending, by category
  • Attitudes to advertising, Baby Boomers vs. Millennials
  • Top purchase influencers by category, Baby Boomers vs. Millennials
  • Older Americans’ reaction to brands’ advertising tactics
  • Media and device reach, Baby Boomers vs. average adult
  • Device and media consumption, Baby Boomers vs. Millennials and average adult
  • Advertiser recall by channel, Baby Boomers vs. average adult
  • Ad channels with largest purchase influence, Baby Boomers vs. average adult
  • Ad channels with biggest influence on purchases, by age group
  • National newspaper readership, by generation
  • Top 15 indexing magazines among Baby Boomers
  • Baby Boomers’ reasons for engaging with online ads
  • Use of social networking platforms, by age group
  • Facebook advertising KPIs, by age group
  • Top local markets by concentration of Boomers and wealthy Boomers
[Debrief] Advertising to Baby Boomers: The Why and How

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