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Instagram is arguably the hottest mobile application in the US, ranking as the fastest-growing top smartphone application of 2013 and already boasting broader reach than the likes of Twitter and Google+. While its user base skews young and it’s a favorite among teens and Millennials, its appeal is also expected to widen.

Perhaps most importantly for marketers, though, is that brands using Instagram are seeing engagement rates (sometimes referred to as the holy grail of social media efforts) unmatched on other social networks. Forrester Research earlier this year even declared it the “King of Social Engagement,” while warning that such high rates are unlikely to stand the test of time.

So how best to optimize that engagement now while the opportunity presents itself? This new Cheat Sheet presents the latest proprietary data available that’s specific to US brands, through a special arrangement with a leading social media analytics firm.

The 19-page Cheat Sheet features 12 charts and a host of data points and references, and

  • Provides an overview of Instagram’s US audience;
  • Examines US brands’ activities on the platform during H1; and
  • Analyzes the best times to post in terms of engagement rate.

The data on post engagement rates breaks down results by day of the week and hour of the day, with the analysis yielding some intriguing conclusions with respect to brands’ posting activity.

The data is specific to US brands so as to be more relevant and actionable than other studies looking at global averages, and by not focusing exclusively on large brands’ activities, the Cheat Sheet provides practical data for small and medium-sized brands looking to take advantage of opportunities on the burgeoning social network.

The Cheat Sheet also comes with an accompanying Excel workbook containing the raw data used to construct the charts on Instagram post activity and engagement rate during each hour of the week.

[Cheat Sheet] Brand Post Engagement on Instagram

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