Netflix Tops 50 Million US Paid Subscribers; International Audience to Follow Next Quarter

July 24, 2017

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Netflix recently issued its second quarter earnings [pdf], revealing yet more strong growth in subscribers. While the company reported two milestones, those were among total memberships as opposed to paying memberships.

Those milestones:

  • More than 100 million global memberships (103.9 million). The paid membership isn’t quite there yet, at 99.04 million, but should hit that mark in Q3.
  • The number of international members (52.03 million) surpassing the number of US members (51.92 million). Again, those figures are among total memberships, with that milestone not reached among paying members but likely to do so in Q3.

Looking strictly at paying memberships, Netflix surpassed 50 million in the US for the first time, hitting 50.32 million.

That’s up exactly 10 million from Q1 2015. To give a sense as to how much growth is coming from the international market, though, paying memberships outside the US increased by almost 30 million over the same time frame.

As such, Netflix now boasts 48.7 million paying memberships outside of the US. Given its rate of growth, it seems reasonable to assume that it will exceed 50 million in Q3, and that paying members internationally will surpass those in the US for the first time.

Indeed, the platform is projecting 52.3 million paid memberships internationally by the end of Q3 compared to 51.3 million in the US.

To put that 50 million figure in context, we recently reported in an exclusive analysis that Netflix has more paying subscribers in the US than all the top cable TV providers, combined.

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