Who Might Win in the New Streaming Wars – the Apple or the Mouse?

November 15, 2019

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US adults currently subscribe to an average of 2.4 subscription video services, but they might soon be adding one or two more services to the mix, as at least 4 new services have or are due to hit the market. So which subscription services are viewers considering adding to their SVOD list? Here’s what a survey from Hub Entertainment Research found.

Among the more than 2,000 US consumers surveyed who also have broadband and watch at least 1 hour of TV per week, about one-quarter (24%) say they are interested in subscribing to Disney+. Some 15% of those consumers say that they will definitely be subscribing, with a portion already having preordered the service.

Younger consumers (16-34-year-olds) are the most eager for Disney’s streaming service, with 31% saying they will definitely subscribe (including those who have already preordered) and 14% saying they will probably subscribe. Furthermore, around one-quarter (26%) of households with kids say they will definitely subscribe or have already preordered.

Fewer consumers are as enthusiastic about adding Apple TV+ to their streaming subscriptions. One in 10 respondents believe they will probably subscribe and another 6% indicate they will definitely subscribe. Although nearly 3 in 10 respondents ages 16-34 say they are interested in subscribing to the service, most of those are still on the fence with 18% saying they will probably subscribe compared to the 11% who say they definitely will.

Separate research from Ampere Analysis found that more than one-third (38%) of consumers in the US are aware of Apple TV+. As expected, awareness among Apple device owners is twice as high (51%) than those who do not own an Apple device (25%).

The report also notes that nearly one-tenth (9%) of the 1,500 respondents said they would buy an Apple device to receive one year of free access to Apple TV+, while another 9% say the offer of a free year of Apple TV+ would encourage them to replace their current Apple device sooner.

The two other services expected to make their debut in the next few months do not fare quite as well. Only 4% of consumers surveyed by Hub Entertainment Research say they will definitely subscribe to HBO Max or NBC’s Peacock streaming services, with another 8% and 9%, respectively, saying they will probably subscribe. With rumblings that Peacock might be free and ad-supported, though, those numbers may rise.

A survey from Fortune Analytics has revealed similar findings, with only 8% of survey respondents saying they are prepared to subscribe to the Peacock streaming service. On the other hand, 28% of the Americans surveyed report that they are prepared to subscribe to Disney+ or the Disney bundle (which includes Hulu and ESPN+). That’s twice the proportion (14%) who say they are prepared to subscribe to Apple TV+.

About the Data: Hub Entertainment Research findings are based on a survey of 2,016 US consumers who have broadband and watch at least one hour of television per week.

Ampere Analysis based their findings on a 10-minute mobile phone survey of 1,500 US respondents.

Fortune Analytics data is from a survey of 1,100 US respondents.

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