Social Media Dominates Video Content Promotion Efforts

June 6, 2019

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A large majority (89%) of marketers use video as part of their content strategy, which is not surprising considering marketers believe video converts better than other content. But how do marketers get their video content to their audiences? A new report [download page] from Wibbitz reveals that when marketers promote their videos, either organically or through paid ads, an overwhelming number turn to social media, even more so than their own websites or blogs.

Last year, Tubular Labs revealed that business videos experienced impressive growth on Facebook in the second quarter of 2018. This newer survey of more than 100 marketing professionals found the top channels for promotion were social media platforms, with Facebook topping the adoption list for both organic promotion (88%) and paid ads (72%).

Instagram, whose Stories are proving to be effective for marketers, was the second-most used channel for promoting videos, with 72% of respondents saying they use the platform to promote videos organically and 46% using it to promote videos through paid ads.

While only about 22% of US adults use Twitter, it was the third-most used platform for organic promotion (76%) of videos, while YouTube ranked third for promotion through paid advertisements (38%).

On average, respondents report that their teams publish about 1-2 videos per month. With a little more than half (53%) of respondents saying that they create their videos in-house, one of the challenges they face is the time videos take to produce. Planning and management of videos are also time-consuming tasks on top of creation and promotion.

Even though marketers struggle with the time videos take, they see the benefits of the format. Three in 5 (60%) say that video has the most impact on social engagement. Additionally, 62% of marketers surveyed believe that video advertisements have the most engagement for their brand compared to other ad formats such as images or carousels. Other research suggests that video advertisements have an even bigger impact when they are captioned.

To read more, download the report here.

About the Data: The data is a survey of 103 marketing leaders conducted in May 2019. The respondents were from B2B (52.5%), B2C (32.8%) and ‘other’ (14.8%) business models.

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