US Adults’ Daily Major Media Consumption Estimates, 2011-2017

October 12, 2015

eMarketer-Daily-Major-Media-Consumption-2011-2017-Oct2015Source: eMarketer

    Notes: Daily time spent by adults with the mobile internet will grow by 11.3% this year, predicts eMarketer, but growth rates will then drop below the double-digits for the first time, with this attributed to fewer new mobile device users and a limit to the number of activities possible on mobile. Still, with time spent with traditional media generally declining, by the end of next year adults are projected to spend more time solely with mobile social media than they are with print.

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        About the Data: The estimates are based on time spent with each medium, including all time spent with that medium regardless of multitasking. Desktop and laptop time includes all internet activities on those devices. TV, radio, print and other media exclude digital.

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