Hitwise Election 2008 Data Center Launched: Obama, Paul, Clinton Popular Online

August 8, 2007

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Hitwise this week launched its Election 2008 Data Center, which will highlight which presidential candidates’ websites are visited the most and which candidates generate the highest search volume. Hitwise also released initial data from nine data sets it will update each week.

The following data are from Hitwise’s Election 2008 Data Center, for the week ended August 4:

  • Among the presidential candidates, the top 3 Democrats’ websites are those of Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton and John Edwards.


  • The top 3 Republicans’ websites are those of Ron Paul, Mitt Romney and Rudy Giuliani.


  • Overall, the top 3 presidential candidates’ websites are those of Obama, Clinton and Paul.


  • The top 3 search terms are “ron paul,” “barack obama” and “obama.”


The data sets that Hitwise will update weekly are the following:

  1. Top Presidential Candidate 2008 Websites
  2. Top Democratic Candidate 2008 Websites
  3. Top Republican Candidate 2008 Websites
  4. Top 10 Presidential Candidate 2008 Search Terms
  5. Top 10 National Political Websites
  6. Top 10 National Political Search Terms
  7. Fast Moving National Political Websites
  8. Candidate of the Month
  9. Election 2008 Blog Articles 

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