What Influencer Content Do Consumers Find Most Valuable?

July 9, 2021

Slicktext Most Valuable Influencer Content July2021Influencer marketing is continuing to grow, with 8 in 10 marketers and agencies saying they have increased the amount of influencer content they produce. However, as influencer content continues to grow as one of the most popular forms of content, not all is created equal in the eyes of consumers. A recent survey from SlickText found more than one-third (37.8%) of consumers value reviews over other types of influencer content.

Compared to reviews, far fewer adults consider how-to’s (16.2%), insight into an influencer’s life (11.5%) and commentary on social events (10.6%) as the most valuable types of influencer content. And, while these preferences in content are reflected across most age groups, GenZ women’s preferences differ from the norm, with the largest share of this group preferring how-to’s (23%), followed by motivational content – which was favored by only 10.1% of all respondents.

It appears that most adults are using some kinds of reviews for product information. While word-of-mouth remains the biggest influencer for trying new brands, Slicktext points out that more than half (52%) of consumers read online reviews and YouGov found that the majority of consumers trust online reviews.

And, while reviews are important for researching, the need for a specific product is the factor that is most likely to make the largest share of consumers (39.8%) purchase a product an influencer is promoting. Consumers also say they are more likely to purchase a product promoted by an influencer if the influencer explains the pros and cons of the product (21.8% share) or if there’s a discount code (16.3%).

In terms of the types of content which make influencers appear more authentic, the largest share (34.4%) say that unbiased reviews of products and services are most trustworthy. This is followed by when an influencer interacts with their followers (27.12%). Once again, Gen Z women have a differing opinion, with 4 in 10 citing interacting with followers as the best way for an influencer to appear authentic.

Meanwhile, what generations can agree on is that too many sponsored posts is the biggest influencer faux pas. Some 31.1% report that this is the biggest factor that erodes trust, followed by politicized content (17.8%), using stereotypical influencer phrases (14.3%) and photos that look too edited (14.2%).

You can find all the survey results here.

About the Data: Results are based on a March 2021 survey of 1,100 American adults.

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