Live Video Gets Highest Post Engagement Rate on Facebook in Q3; News Feed Still Tops for Ad CTR

December 1, 2020

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Socialbakers FB Organic Interactions by Post Type Nov2020More than three-quarters of social media ad spend in Q3 2020 was allotted to main-feed formats according to Socialbakers’ social media trends report [download page] for the last quarter. Here’s a look at some key trends in the study relating to Facebook and Instagram post types.

In a quarter that saw total ad spend grow by as much as 56% over Q2, the report breaks down how advertisers are choosing to assign spend in terms of platform position, finding that Facebook News Feed received the majority (58.2%) of relative ad spend.

In fact, 76% of ad spend in Q3 went to main feeds. Instagram Stories saw the next highest share of spend (10.4%), with 17 other placements accounting for the remaining 13.7%, though the report does note Instagram Explore’s move to sixth-highest ad placement spend (2.6%) after just over a year of being eligible for ad spend.

Similarly, Facebook Feed led the way in Q3 in terms of click-through rate, with a CTR of 1.82% compared to Facebook Video Feed’s 0.85%, Facebook Instream Video’s 0.65%, Instagram Feed’s 0.33% and Instagram Stories’ 0.24%.

On both Facebook and Instagram, images dominate the distribution of post types on the platforms (70% and 67.7% share, respectively). Video is the next-most common post type on Facebook (17%), while on Instagram carousel posts took this spot (17%) after an increase in usage.

While only accounting for 0.8% of posts in Q3, it was Facebook Live Video that had the highest engagement on the platform, with 33 median interactions per post. Images followed with 17 interactions on average, with video close behind (16).

Not only did Instagram formats see higher levels of interaction than Facebook overall, but it was the format unique to Instagram, carousels, that showed up as the platform’s most engaging format with 188 median post interactions. (See more data on carousels here.) And, contrary to Quintly research from 2019 which found videos to have a higher engagement rate than images, Socialbakers’ Q3 data found images to generate more interactions than video.

Read more in the full report here.

About the Data: Findings are based on an analysis of 144,070 Facebook brand pages worldwide.

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