These Were the Largest Instagram Advertisers in Q2 2020

July 28, 2020

Pathmatics Top Advertisers on Instagram in Q2 Jul2020Amazon, CBS and the US Census Bureau are among the top 10 advertisers on Instagram in Q2 2020, per a report [download page] from Pathmatics. Here’s an outline of the top spenders and the most prominent sectors, along with some other key findings.

In the list of top advertisers on Instagram, determined by Pathmatics Explorer data, Disney takes the top spot by some margin, having spent $309 million in Q2 during the study period (4/15-6/15/2020). At #2, P&G spent $173 million, with Amazon at #3 ($141 million). Financial Services are prevalent in the next rankings, as well as being the most prominent sector in the top 10 – Geico is at #4 ($120 million), PayPal at #6 ($96 million) and Progressive at #7 ($95 million).

At #8, the US Census Bureau ($79 million) is the only “Other” sector advertiser in the top 10, and the list rounds out with Apple at #9 (76.9 million) and Hulu at #10 ($76 million).

After Financial Services, Arts & Entertainment is the next most common sector in the top 10, represented by Disney and Hulu, with this sector also accounting for the largest combined spend in the top 10 ($385 million). CBS is the largest Media brand, with $116 million of spend in Q2. Sectors whose advertisers didn’t make it into the top 10 include Auto, Food & Drink, Pharma & Healthcare and Software, though these were represented in the top 100.

However, whether these spenders will continue to invest in Facebook’s platforms is yet to be seen. On July 18th, the Wall Street Journal reported that Disney had “dramatically slashed” its spend with Facebook [paywall], joining other advertisers pulling spend in response to Facebook’s lack of progress in enforcing policies on hate speech and misinformation.

Other Findings

  • Overall, Instagram is only the second-most popular social network – 37% of US adults have active accounts on the platform compared to Facebook’s 67%. But among those aged 18 to 29, the percentage active on Instagram is much higher (67%).
  • The average daily spend of #1 Food & Drink advertiser, Yum! Brands, was $110.8K. The spikes in April that raise this average could be attributed to an increased demand for food delivery after stay-at-home directives were put in place in response to the COVID-19 pandemic.
  • While it had an average daily spend of $99.2K, Target’s spend dropped to zero on May 31st, as more than 170 stores were temporarily closed or had limited business in response to racial justice demonstrations across the US and employee safety concerns.

Read the full report here.

About the Data: Data covers the period of 4/15-6/15/2020. Spend estimates are based on Pathmatic’s proprietary panel and spend methodology.

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