Facebook Ad Campaigns Look to Boost Post Engagement; Instagram Advertisers Focused on Clicks

March 17, 2020

Socialbakers FB Instagram Ad Objectives in Q42019 Mar2020Global advertising revenue for Facebook (including Instagram, WhatsApp and Messenger) is expected to grow by 19% to reach almost $83 billion this year. But what are advertisers hoping to achieve with their ads on Facebook and Instagram? Here’s what a new report [download page] from Socialbakers reveals after analyzing more than 6,600 Facebook advertising accounts in Q4 2019.

When it comes to advertising objectives, the top three goals are the same for Facebook and Instagram, although their order is somewhat different. The main campaign objective on Facebook – during the final quarter of 2019 – was boosting post engagement, at 23.8% share of campaigns. This makes sense given the large decline in organic post engagement in recent years. After engagement, advertisers were focused on getting users to click links (22% share) and increasing reach (16.4% share).

By comparison, getting users to click links was the main campaign objective on Instagram, at 31.3% share of campaigns. This far exceeded post engagement (20.4% share), which has traditionally been less of an issue on Instagram, and achieving a large reach (17.3%).

Q2 2019 data from Socialbakers showed that, after images, video made up the largest share of post types on both Facebook (16.6%) and Instagram (13.7%). Nonetheless, a larger share of Facebook ad campaigns (10.3%) had an objective of increasing video views compared to Instagram ads (8.8%).

This latest report also analyzed Facebook brand ad accounts with purchase info available. Of these accounts, 1.58% of impressions led to clicks, and of those clicks 0.32% converted to purchases.

The Media and Magazines & Journals industries both had the highest impression-to-click rate (5.07% each) with Accommodation coming in a distant third at 2.58%. However, when it came to the click-to-purchase conversion rate, E-commerce set the tone at 1.38%, more than twice that of next-best Telecom (0.53%).

To read more, the full report can be downloaded here.

About the Data: Findings are based on an analysis of 6,670 Facebook advertising accounts in Q4 2019.

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