Fashion Accounts for the Dominant Share of Instagram Interactions, but E-Commerce Is On the Rise

January 10, 2020

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Socialbakers FB Instagram Interactions by Industry Jan2020Although the 50 largest global brand profiles on Instagram and Facebook published more posts on Facebook, Instagram saw a significantly higher number of interactions during the third quarter of 2019, per a recent report [download page] from Socialbakers..With Instagram being the place for engagement, it’s worth looking at the industries that are making a mark on the platform.

In its analysis of Facebook and Instagram brand pages around the world, Socialbakers found that the Fashion industry accounted for the largest share of overall interactions on Instagram in Q3 2019, making up 31.9% of total interactions (up from 27.8% in Q2 2019).

E-commerce accounted for fewer than half as many interactions (15.8%), but that represented a 13.7% increase from a quarter earlier. Beauty (13.7%) also accounts for a sizable portion of interactions on Instagram, while at the bottom of the list Services and Sporting Goods only account for 2.1% of total interactions each.

Given Instagram’s visual nature, it makes sense that Fashion and Beauty are among the top categories, which makes E-commerce’s rise even more notable. Socialbakers also notes that the number of E-commerce engagements more than doubled quarter-over-quarter (+118.3%), likely as a result of the adoption of Social Commerce.

These results give weight to the perceptions of digital commerce leaders, who believe that social commerce will be the top digital commerce channel of the future.

Comparatively, E-commerce was the top industry for interactions on Facebook in Q3, accounting for 17.8% of total interactions on the platform during the quarter. E-commerce was followed by Retail (13.0%) and Fashion (11.4%). While the Beauty industry generated a fair share of interactions on Instagram, the industry only accounted for 5% of total interactions on Facebook.

Images account for the majority of content on both Facebook (70.0%) and Instagram (71.9%), yet are not the content type generating the largest number of interactions per post on either platform. Instead, it was Live video that accounted for the most interactions per post on Facebook, with 40 median post interactions in Q3 2019.

Carousel posts, which account for 13.9% of content posts on Instagram, generated the most engagement on that platform, with 125 median interactions per post. Although video remains the content type that generates the least engagement on Instagram, Socialbakers’ data shows it has increased. This comes at a time when other data from Quintly found that in the first half of 2019 business pages on Instagram had increased their use of video in addition to increasing their use of carousel formats.

As companies invest more of their Instagram advertising dollars in Stories and with Socialbakers predicting this trend to continue, the report finds that the median exit rate on Instagram Stories, across all industries, is 5.9%. E-commerce, Beauty and Sporting Goods enjoyed the lowest exit rates.

The full report can be downloaded here.

About the Data: Report data is based on an analysis of Facebook and Instagram brand pages worldwide.

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