BrandMuscle-Local-Marketing-Lanscape-Oct2014Traditional media remains a significant part of the local marketing mix, but adoption of the various tactics on offer is hindered by cost, finds BrandMuscle [download page] in a recently-released study. Results from the survey also indicate that digital marketing, while scoring high satisfaction rates, tends to be seen as too complicated or time consuming by those not using it.

The study, based off a survey of “hundreds of local dealers, agents and franchisees across a wide range of industries” indicates that the top media tactics in use by local affiliates are:

  • Coupons (83%);
  • Direct mail (81%);
  • Local events (79%);
  • Email (72%);
  • Website (72%); and
  • Community sponsorships (71%).

Tactics in use by half – or fewer – respondents include TV (50%), billboards (45%), magazines (45%), Twitter (43%) and daily deals (29%).

The study suggests that the primary reason why local affiliates aren’t using digital tactics such as email, social, online display and paid search is because they are too expensive. Among those not using traditional media such as TV, radio and print, cost is the primary complaint.

When it comes to satisfaction ratings, local events win out with 80% satisfied, followed by coupons (77%), email (76%), and direct mail (75%). By contrast, fewer than half are satisfied with Yellow Pages (48%), newspapers (46%) and magazines (44%).

On the budget side of things, results from the survey indicate that newspaper, radio and community sponsorships occupy the largest shares of the overall pie.

Earlier this year, a study from Balihoo found that more than 8 in 10 national brands expected to increase or maintain their local marketing spend this year.

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