December US Web Stats: Google Stays on Top

January 25, 2010

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The average US web user visited 83 domains, had 51 internet sessions, surfed 2,614 pages and spent an average of 56 seconds per page in December 2009, according to data from The Nielsen Company.

The habits of American internet users have remained essentially the same since September 2009, the last month for which Nielsen reported web use statistics. In September, the average online American visited 87 web domains, had 53 internet sessions, surfed 2,645 pages and spent 57 seconds per page.


Top 10 Parent Companies/Divisions

As it did in September and June 2009, Google came out #1 on Nielsen’s ranking of the top 10 web parent companies/divisions in December 2009. Google had 155.6 million home and work visitors to at least one of its sites or who launched a Google-owned application. Each visitor spent an average of two hours and 21 minutes on the site. In September 2009, Google had 153.9 million visitors who averaged a little more time on the site, two hours and 36 minutes. The remainder of the top five, Microsoft, Yahoo, Facebook, and AOL, held the same rankings they did in September.


Top 10 Web Brands

Google also retained its #1 position in Nielsen’s ranking of the top 10 web brands, which it held in September and June 2009, the last two months Nielsen released a top-10 list. Google had 146.7 million unique visitors during December, who spent an average of one hour and 40 minutes on the site. Visitor numbers were up slightly from the 144 million unique visitors in September 2009, although average time spent on the site dropped from one hour and 53 minutes.


Yahoo, Facebook, MSN/Windows Live/Bing, and YouTube were the #2 through #5 web brands in December. Facebook, which was ranked #4 in June and #3 in September, switched places with September’s #3? MSN/Windows Live/Bing in December. Facebook had 109.9 million unique visitors in December, each of whom spent an average of six hours and 24 minutes on the site. Both of these numbers were up significantly from September, when Facebook had 105.4 million unique visitors who spent an average of five hours and 24 minutes on the site.

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