3 Things to Know About Smart TV Owners

December 21, 2017

Almost one-quarter (23%) of US adults have a smart TV, reveals Kantar Media in a new data release – and penetration exceeds one-third of households in some key DMAs, per Nielsen. So who are smart TV owners? Kantar Media provides some context into their demographics and behaviors.

1. Smart TV Owners Are Young and Well-Educated

Smart TV owners tend to have an attractive demographic profile for marketers, as they demonstrate an above-average likelihood to be young, well-educated, and with higher incomes.


The results also indicate that the majority (56%) of smart TV owners are married or living as married, and that more than one-quarter are parents of children under the age of 12.

2. Smart TV Owners Multitask With Related Activities

Kantar Media identified several multitasking activities which are more prevalent among smart TV households than the typical US household.

Two of those activities relate to programming:

  • While watching TV, more than one-quarter (26%) go online to find out more about shows/people they’ve seen on TV, making them 27% more likely than the average to do so; and
  • About 1 in 5 (21%) go online to find out more about products/services seen on TV, being 24% more likely than average to do so.

Other multitasking activities that are more common among smart TV households include sending texts and instant messages (33% doing so; 20% above-average) and using mobile apps (31%; 27% above-average).

3. Smart TV Owners Over-Index in Other Device Ownership

Previous comScore data has shown that Smart Speaker owners demonstrate an above-average tendency to also own other Smart Home devices.

It turns out that smart TV owners are also early adopters: in fact, one-third say that they buy new technology products before most of their friends do.

They don’t seem to be wrong in that assessment. According to Kantar Media, smart TV households over-index in ownership of a number of devices, including:

  • Smart tech for home (Index: 145; Percentage owning: 26%);
  • Smart tech for personal use (Index: 138; Percentage owning: 34%);
  • Video game console (Index: 120; Percentage owning: 57%);
  • Tablets (Index: 111; Percentage owning: 65%); and
  • Smartphones (Index: 108; Percentage owning: 86%);

The full release can be accessed here.

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