More Than 1 in 4 Alexa Owners Have Asked It What Its Deals Are

September 29, 2017

Smart Speakers are already having an impact on commerce. Almost one-third of owners say they’re spending more on Amazon and Google since getting their Smart Speaker, according to a new study [pdf] from Edison Research and NPR. Moreover, well over half (57%) have ordered an item through their Smart Speaker, with some having spent upwards of $200 on their purchase. (That’s a far higher estimate than found in an earlier comScore survey, which indicated that just 1 in 10 Smart Speaker owners were using them to order products.)

Spending using Smart Speakers is fairly conservative for now, according to this latest study. Among those who have ordered an item using their device, the vast majority spent less than $200. That includes close to two-thirds who said the most they’ve spent on a purchase is under $100.

Interestingly, some Alexa owners have asked it what it’s deals are – though rarely has that resulted in a purchase. Some 28% of Alexa owners reported having asked the question, “Alexa, what are your deals?” But only 4% overall made a purchase following that question. In other words, 1 in every 7 people who asked Alexa about its deals made a purchase as a result.

Who’s Buying?

The survey – which was conducted among 800 Smart Speaker owners – found that certain groups seemed to show up more often among those who had made purchases using their Smart Speakers.

In particular, Smart Speaker-enabled purchasers skewed towards men rather than men, 18-34-year-olds over their older counterparts, and parents with kids in the household over people without children.

It’s more common for people who buy through Smart Speakers to order a new product they’ve not previously purchased (58%) than to re-order an item previously purchased (49%), according to the report. (That raises some intriguing questions about the role of voice-related SEO. L2 Research suggests that Alexa prioritizes Amazon’s Choice products over top-ranked items in conventional search.)

Top Use Cases

The research indicates that half of Smart Speaker owners qualify as either “Heavy” (11+ regular tasks) or “Medium-Heavy” (6-10 regular tasks) users.

Regardless of the user’s engagement, Music is the most common use of Smart Speakers, according to this study, with Weather and General Question following for all but the lightest users.

That aligns with the previous survey results from comScore, which also found those to be the top-3 use cases for Smart Speakers, though in a different order.

About the Data: The results are based on a survey of 800 Smart Speaker owners, all of whom are adults (18+).

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