Smartphone Users Don’t Want Frequent Push Notifications from Brands

July 13, 2021

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YouGov Acceptable Frequency Push Notifications from Brands July2021Although Americans are reliant on their smartphones, 3 in 10 report they are easily distracted by notifications from their phone. They will likely get no relief from notifications anytime soon, as nearly half of B2C marketers plan to use push notifications this year. This is as data from YouGov shows that 47% of US adults say they get too many notifications.

Push notifications drive app traffic. Earlier data from Localytics found that those who opt in to push notifications open an app twice as often as those who do not, and are far less likely to abandon the app altogether.

However, YouGov’s survey of 1,100 US adults found that smartphone users are selective about what notifications they want to see. Smartphone users overwhelmingly prefer notifications from apps related to messaging, news and information, and email and social media, but are less keen to see notifications from brands. In fact, while some consumers are open to seeing notifications from brands a few times per week (19%), once a week (18%) or less than once a week (17%), the largest share (21%) never want to receive a push notification from a brand and only 7% want to see them a few times per day.

By contrast, consumers are happy to receive push notifications a few times per day for messages (62%), news and information (41%) and email or social media alerts (23%).

For smartphone users, control over notifications is important. About 6 in 10 (62%) say they have control over push notifications — a figure that rises to 69% among iPhone users. Of those smartphone owners who use push notifications, the largest share (42%) will simply change their notification settings if they think an app is sending too many notifications. Unfortunately for brands, a similar share (39%) say they will turn off all notifications from an app that sends them too many notifications, while 8% will delete the app entirely.

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About the Data: Findings are based on a June 2021 online survey of 1,167 US adults.

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