Most Smartphone Owners Open to Receiving Weekly Promo Emails

August 20, 2012

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strongmail-mobile-owners-promo-messages-august2012.pngSmartphone owners are far more likely to be open to receiving promotional emails from their favorite brands on their devices than are standard mobile phone owners, per results from a StrongMail survey conducted by Forrester Consulting, released in August. 65% of smartphone owners said they would want to receive promotional messages once a week or more, almost double the proportion (34%) of standard mobile phone owners. Smartphone owners were also more likely to say they were open to receiving promotional emails once a month (12% vs. 4%), and far less likely to want to avoid these emails entirely (23% vs. 62%).

Standard mobile phone owners aren’t only averse to promotional email messages: a strong majority also never want to receive promotional messages via SMS (77%) or via in-application messages (85%). By contrast, a comparatively smaller proportion of smartphone owners don’t want to ever receive promotional messages via SMS (47%) or in-app messaging (46%). This despite recent results from a Pew survey indicating that smartphone owners are 45% more likely to report having received spam or unwanted texts (among texters – 29% vs. 20%) than standard cell phone owners.

Location-Based Messages Get the Nod

Details from “Consumer Perceptions of Mobile Marketing for StrongMail” suggest that when it comes to receiving promotional messages via SMS, mobile owners of all stripes are more inclined to be welcoming when those messages are based on their location. 38% of smartphone owners are interested in receiving an SMS with a relevant promotion when they are near a location (rating their interest a top-2 box score on a 5-point scale). This compares to 30% who are interested in receiving promotional messages via SMS regardless of their location. A similar disparity in interest levels exists for standard mobile phone owners (29% vs. 23%).

Promo Messages OK; Others Not So Much

While smartphone owners are open to receiving promotional messaging on their devices, whether via email, SMS, or in-app messaging, they are less interested in receiving other types of messages. Only roughly one-third said they would want to receive alerts or notifications from their favorite brands via SMS, and less (29%) would want to receive those messages via SMS. Customer service messages are even less welcome, whether delivered in-app (12%) or via SMS (17%).

In all cases, smartphone owners are still more open to receiving these types of messages than standard mobile phone owners.

Other Findings:

  • 44% of smartphone owners said they would want to receive promotional messages from their favorite brands once a week or more often via SMS, while an additional 9% said they would want to receive them once a month.
  • These preferences remain much the same when it comes to in-app messages: 43% of smartphone owners are open to receiving them at least once a week, and an additional 11% once a month.
  • Smartphone and standard mobile phone owners are more likely to be interested in receiving in-app promotional messages when they are location-based than when they are delivered regardless of location.

About the Data: The StrongMail data is based on a survey of 322 general population consumers conducted by Forrester Consulting in June 2012.

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