Most Enterprise Marketers Believe That Less Than Half of Their Content is Consumed

June 29, 2017

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Content creation continues to grow, as marketers each year predict that they’ll produce an ever-increasing amount of content. But how much content is necessary – and how much is going to waste? A lot, according to a survey from BrightEdge, which found 1 in 8 marketers at Fortune 500 companies believing that less than 10% of their content is actually consumed.

In fact, respondents most commonly feel that 10-25% (32%) or 25-50% (28%) of their content is consumed by their audience. In sum, that means that almost three-quarters of marketers at Fortune 500 companies believe that at least half of their content goes to waste.

That brings to mind research from Seismic in which 52% of senior B2B marketers said that content goes unused because the sales team doesn’t know where to find it. Notably, the BrightEdge survey indicates that B2C companies are more likely to believe their content is consumed than their B2B counterparts.

In other results from the survey:

  • Content optimization is either very important (40%) or a priority (11%) for a slight majority of respondents;
  • Organic search is the top marketing initiative, followed by content; although
  • These disciplines are coming closer together, with 54% believing that they are becoming more integrated and another 43% indicating that they are converging into a single function; and
  • While almost one-third feel that voice search is the “next big thing,” fully 66% have no plans to start preparing for it.

About the Data: The results are based on a survey of 252 digital marketers at Fortune 500 brands, split between B2B and B2C companies.

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