TV Connected Devices Becoming More Influential in TV Everywhere Screen Time

May 4, 2017

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TV Everywhere (TVE) is enjoying greater reach, with more than one-fifth (20.5%) of cable TV viewers in the US utilizing the services in Q4 2016, up from 17.4% in the year-earlier period and 12.8% in Q4 2014, per a recent report from Adobe Digital Insights. The data shows that viewers are graduating to bigger screens for TVE viewing.

TV Connected Devices Are Catching Up to Mobile

Consumers have traditionally accessed TVE from their mobile devices, but that trend has been declining since early 2016, with browser-based views also began declining in late 2016. Meanwhile, viewers have been increasingly turning to TV Connected Devices (TVCD) to access TVE videos, with this access method exceeding browsers for the first time in January of this year. (Browser includes Chrome, IE, Firefox, and Safari on both PC and mobile devices.)

While TVCD access hasn’t yet caught up to the 46% share attributed to mobile, almost one-third (32%) of starts occurred on the larger screens in January, up from just 21% a year earlier. TVCD have jumped from 21% of TV Everywhere starts to 32% in just one year. In fact, year-over-year growth for TVCD starts remains promisingly high (103% in 2016 and 122% in 2017), in contrast to mobile’s dwindling growth rate (72% in 2016 and 21% in 2017) and even slower increases for browser-based starts (46% in 2016 and 14% in 2017).

Where Mobile and Browser Are Losing Video Share

Mobile’s share of TVE starts has seen its most prominent decline in the Music & Movies genre, where it has declined by more than one-quarter (28%) since 2014. Interestingly, the only major genre in which mobile’s share has increased – News – is the one in which browsers’ share of starts has seen its biggest drop (-33%).

When Viewers Are Watching

The study also looks at TVE viewing time, which tend to correspond with legacy TV. On weekdays, viewers prefer to tune in between 4-11PM, accounting for half of all TVE access, with peak hours between 8-10PM. While mobile access tend to be highest for day and primetime hours, TVCD emerges as the preferred access method during evening hours.

About the Data: The report aggregated anonymous data from Adobe Experience Cloud and followed consumer video viewing data from January 2015 to January 2017. Sample information includes over 4 billion TV Everywhere authentications in North America and over 300 different sites and apps acting as access points for TV Everywhere.

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