85% of Male Teens Claim to Watch YouTube Daily

May 1, 2017

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Virtually all teenagers ages 13-17 (96%) say they use YouTube, and three-quarters report video chatting with friends or family, according to a study [pdf] from AP-NORC’s Center for Public Affairs Research. Close to half (44%) also live stream video from their phone or computer, per the survey.

More boys (85%) watch YouTube on a daily basis than girls (70%), finds the report. However, the report is based on a survey of fewer than 800 teens, so some care must be taken when making broad brush pronouncements on small sample sizes (around 400 for male teens). Indeed, separate research recently-released from Piper Jaffray – which was based on a much larger sample of teens – found just one-quarter reporting daily viewing of YouTube.

There’s little doubt that YouTube is popular with teens, however: another study indicates that about three-quarters use the platform weekly. The numbers are indeed all over the place, but it seems logical that youth are watching a good deal of YouTube. (One widely-reported study [pdf] from Google – which was also fielded among a very small sample – conveniently discovered that YouTube is the “coolest” brand for teens.)

Returning to the AP-NORC study, the results suggest a greater preference for video chatting with friends or family among girls (82%) than boys (70%). Live streaming video from a phone or computer is enjoyed equally by boys (43%) and girls (45%) of this age.

Among social media sites, Instagram (76%) and Snapchat (75%) are the most popular with teens. Separate research does show that these are also teens’ favorite platforms.

A notable trend is the near-constant use of certain social media sites by a number of teens. One-quarter of teenagers admit to using Snapchat, the most heavily used social media outlet, almost constantly. Some 22% of teens also confess to using Instagram on a near-continuous basis. Another roughly 30% of users say they use these sites several times a day, which amounts to a majority of teens using social media sites on a very frequent basis.

About the Data: The report was generated from a survey of 790 American teenagers (ages 13-17).

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