Programmatic Digital Ad Buyers Key In On “Brand Safe” Environments

March 24, 2017

The vast majority (81%) of programmatic digital ad buyers agree that ensuring a “brand safe” environment for advertising is a high priority, and an equal proportion feel that in today’s fragmented digital landscape, using brand safe, trusted environments is more important than ever, per a Trusted Media Brands report [download page] that’s timely given the recent furor involving Google brand safety.

Some 71% likewise agree that it’s difficult to ensure brand safe environments buying programmatically on the open exchange. A recent DPAA study reports similar concerns broadly concerning online advertising across brand safety, along with transparency and viewability.

In addition to prioritizing brand safe environments, programmatic buyers are also focusing on the importance of audience target delivery. Almost all surveyed believe that audience target delivery (96%) is an important factor in digital buying decisions, with over half of those respondents believing it to be “extremely important.” Moreover, almost 8 in 10 agree that audience targeting based on first party data is becoming more important.

In fact, half of all respondents are prepared to increase their spending for audience data targeting over the next year, while 43% project an increase in spending for retargeting. That buyers are expecting to spend more on audience data targeting probably isn’t too surprising given that it’s considered to be the most important driver of campaign effectiveness (78%), followed by ad creative (68%) and assurance of a brand safe environment (64%).

About the Data: The Trusted Media Brands survey, carried out by Advertiser Perceptions, asked nearly 300 agency and client-side marketers about programmatic digital ad buying and key concerns in digital advertising.

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