Where Are Performance Marketers Finding Challenges And Opportunities?

March 8, 2017

Marketers are allocating greater resources to target mobile users, according to a report from AdRoll [download page], which surveyed more than 1,300 marketers with heavy digital marketing spending. While the report suggests that mobile retargeting budgets are on the upswing, marketers are facing several mobile advertising challenges.

The most common obstacle cited by respondents is that mobile has yet to develop a good user experience (30%). That’s a significant issue for mobile ads, the interruptive nature of which tends to frustrate smartphone owners.

Other challenges cited by respondents to the AdRoll survey include lack of conversion on mobile and a lack of analytics tools (both 26%). With respect to conversions, it’s interesting to note that smartphones’ share of display ad conversions for enterprise advertisers actually outweighs their share of impressions.

Mobile conversions are the top KPI cited for mobile retargeting, for which two-thirds of respondents plan to increase spending this year.

The most common objective for retargeting (not just for mobile) is to improve brand awareness (57%), with lead generation (46%) and social engagement (42%) also popular. Marketers responding to the report seem enthusiastic about the returns, with most claiming that retargeting performed either the same as or better than their display campaigns (82%), search campaigns (79%) and email efforts (78%).

Retargeting is just one of the ways that programmatic advertising is being readily adopted. While a relatively new practice, programmatic has rapidly grown in popularity, as evidenced in a projection forecasting that programmatic will become the primary global method for trading digital display. Indeed, respondents to the AdRoll survey are rapidly increasing their investments in programmatic ”“ a trend that extends to the B2B marketing area, too. Social media and mobile, the most common retargeting channels, are likely to benefit from the increased spend.

In other results from the report:

  • Almost 70% of marketers say that their email is dynamic based on user behavior;
  • Close to three-quarters find attribution important or critically important to their marketing success; and
  • Single-click attribution is used by almost two-thirds, though a majority see a change in model on the horizon.

About the Data: AdRoll partnered with Qualtrics to survey 1,300 B2B and B2C marketing professionals representing primarily mid-sized companies, two-thirds of whom spend the majority of their budgets on digital marketing.

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