2 in 3 Millennials Say They’re Interested in Buying From Brands via Chatbots

February 28, 2017

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Chatbots have gained a lot of hyper of late, even if only a fractional amount of brands are using them (according to recent data from L2). New survey results from Retale, however, suggest that almost 3 in 5 Millennials have used a chatbot at some point, and that the majority of those who haven’t are at least interested in giving them a go.

For the most part, Millennials (18-34) who have tried chatbots have had positive experiences with them: 70% said that was the case, against 21% whose experiences have been negative. Respondents felt that the biggest area of improvement is in improved accuracy, with more natural sounding conversation a secondary need.

Chatbots seem to offer a new space for marketers – and Millennials seem willing to engage. Some 71% of the 500 youth surveyed reported being interested in chatbots from major consumer brands, with another 11% neutral on the topic. Moreover, about 7 in 8 agreed that brands should use chatbots to promote deals, products or services.

But what about making purchases via chatbots? Is there interest there, or will this go the way of the sparsely-used social buy button? If the results of this survey are to be trusted, Millennials don’t have many reservations about buying items and services from brands via chatbots, with two-thirds saying they’d be likely to do so and just 14% not interested.

So there you have it: people are unsure about getting the news from chatbots, but youth will buy from them!

About the Data: The results are based on a survey conducted in December 2016 among 500 US adults ages 18-34.

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