Which Video Ad Targeting Methods Are Popular With Brands and Agencies?

December 27, 2016

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Demographic targeting continues to be one of the more frequently used methods for targeting consumers via digital video ad campaigns, according to recent study results from Videology and Advertiser Perceptions. The survey of more than 300 brand marketers and agency advertisers found that demo and behavioral-based targeting were the two most popular targeting methods today.

Among agency advertisers, two-thirds reported regularly using each of these methods, while among brand marketers demo targeting (55%) took a slight backseat to behavioral-based targeting (59%), which looks at lifestyles and preferences as opposed to age and gender.

Contextual-based targeting (such as sports and financial) is also regularly used by a majority (55%) of agency advertisers, though it’s a little less popular with brand marketers (46%). Brand marketers are as likely to use sales-based targeting (also 46%), per the survey’s results, though this holds less appeal with agency advertisers (55%).

Previous research has found executives saying that psychographics (75%) and demographics (71%) are the most important targeting criteria for digital branding campaigns, followed by purchase data (66%).

As regards demographic targeting, roughly 7 in 10 agency (67%) and brand (73%) respondents to the Videology survey agreed that: “As more TV content is viewed on digital channels, demo targeting (age/gender) and delivery will remain a key metric for evaluating cross-screen campaigns over the next 3-5 years.”

For readers interested in the age breakdown of digital video viewers and how they compare to broadcast and cable TV viewers, MarketingCharts’ newly-released US Media Audience Demographics study provides a host of data on this topic.

Meanwhile, agency advertisers seem more upbeat than brand marketers about the effectiveness of targeting. More than 6 in 10 agency advertisers (63%) feel that behavioral-based targeting is effective in driving business results such as online conversions, store visits or offline sales, compared to 51% of brand marketers. Likewise, although 51% of of agency advertisers believe that combining demographic targeting with other targeting methods is effective for such conversions, fewer (39%) brand marketers agree.

Overall, close to half (45%) of respondents agreed that the ability to for ad tech to do a better job in accurately targeting audience-specific age and gender demographics would provide to be a “valuable advancement” for video ad campaigns.

Interested in the frequency with which desktop and mobile ad campaign reach their intended target audiences using various demographic criteria? Recent research from Nielsen – covered here – breaks down the on-target percentage rates.

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